Overview for Authors

Purpose of the NYMJ

The New York Medical Journal exists as a community resource for all healthcare professionals, in which residents and faculty members can participate and further educate both themselves as well as their peers. For us, community focus is of the utmost importance. Often journal content reflects the work of academic centers, representing only 7% of all US hospitals with their full gamut of health care workers and administrative support.  It is important that research projects and case reports from community health centers, office practices, hospitals and health system are also featured in medical journals, which is the primary goal of the NYMJ.

We are looking for authors who share in this vision and wish to help us in advancing the voice of community-based practitioners within the overall field of medical research.

Benefits of Publishing with Us

Why publish with New York Medical Journal (NYMJ)?

  • Enrich the literature pertaining to community hospitals.
  • Open Free access: allows knowledge to be disseminated to all members of the community.
  • Submitted articles are reviewed in a timely manner and published on line in the next issue.


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