History & Mission

The New York Medical Journal (NYMJ) was first established in 2006 as an online peer review journal. The journal was founded to reflect on how faculty members and residents participate in and further their own education, as well as that of their peers.

The NYMJ is an important community resource for all health care professionals. Clinical faculty, residents and medical students, especially those working in community hospital settings, will find the journal’s contents of special interest. The journal’s target audiences includes the range of professionals involved in medical care and issues in community hospitals. Interdisciplinary collaboration will be reflected in these articles especially the section on quality improvement projects.

Many medical journals focus almost exclusively on the work of large-scale academic centers, leaving out the crucial work of community hospitals, important centers of care for a large proportion of American patients. As the health care environment increasingly shifts from a volume based model to one that promotes value based care and population health, the work of community hospitals is even more important and demands further reflection and consideration. New trends have impacted the way care is provided in the Bronx and other communities, and the NYMJ reflects these new priorities.

The journal’s contents reflect the integrity and diversity found at SBH Health System and its affiliates. It provides a platform for discussions relevant to a range of community hospitals in diverse locales, and is a resource for centers nationwide and beyond