Article Types

Clinical Research


Clinical research articles should include an abstract, introduction, method section, result, discussion and reference section. A total of 5 combined tables and figures and up to 30 references may be included.

Case Report


Case reports should include an introduction, a description of the case, discussion and a reference section. Up to 4 images can be included, combined 2 tables or figures, and up to 25 references.

Image Section


To submit specifically for this section please follow the instructions below. Note that on occasion images can be taken from NYMJ published case reports.

This section should include classic images of common pathology. The visual aid of an image is important in understanding pathology. It should  include a case report as described below.

For this section the image/text has to be submitted in two formats:

  1. The image with a one sentence description followed by a question (up to 20 words).
  2. Brief case presentation, with a discussion.  Up to 4 additional images can be submitted. The case presentation should not exceed 500 words. One table can be included. The last sentence should include a final diagnosis.
  3. The initial image submitted should include one version without arrows or explanation, the second version with arrows describing the pathology in question.
  4. Submit a final diagnosis

Quality Improvement

Summary of quality improvement articles ideally in 2-3 sentences


Start with a modified AIM statement: what do you want to accomplish? Then set the setting: what are the roles of the different contributors, what kind of setting is the project taking place, who are the patients. Explain why the project is important. This will be part of the P(plan)D(do)S(study)A (act)cycle.

Explain in the “do” section what intervention you have unertaken. This is followed by the “study” section which analyzes the results and discusses if you were able to attain the desired goal stated in your AIM statement. Include obstacles that you might have had to overcome.

It is possible that your intervention did not attain your goal and that after analyzing your data a new PDSA cycle was begin. Please include the new PDSA cycle.

Include in the conclusion section your results, the importance of your quality improvement study, and lessons learned.


Special articles can be requested by the Editor and includes topics of interest to community hospitals and to their community.

Winning Posters – Community Based Competition

This section is designed to highlight community based research, case presentations and quality improvement projects. Organizations responsible for the poster competition can submit their winners to our journal for publication. Posters from individual winners will not be accepted as the posters should be submitted as a group. The competitions must have a minimum of 30 posters to qualify. Posters should be submitted in PDF format. Please contact the Editor if interested in submitting poster winners.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor allows the reader to comment about published articles in this journal as well as a place to publish short articles or reports. Letters should not exceed 400 words and can include up to two figures or tables combined. Letters in response to articles have to be submitted within 3 months of the published article.


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